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Foam Kits are intended to provide the car with an even snow-white layer of special shampoo. The Super Snow Foam has been developed for this purpose. This foam can be applied to the car by means of a lance. The cleaning and wetting agents and dirt encapsulants ensure that dirt is safely removed from the car without having to contact the paint with a sponge or wash glove. This greatly reduces the risk of scratches and swirls. So the foams are usually used as a prewash after which the car can be washed even more safely by hand. The foam lances can also be used to save a car time-saving. Simply by spraying the foam on the car and immediately washing the car with a sponge or washing glove, then rinse and ready.

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Autobrite Underbody Lance

From Autobrite a stainless steel underbodylance, ideal for those hard to reach places Available with various connections, suitable for your own hd cleaner. Perfect for spraying mud and sand from the wheel arches. ATTENTION is delivered without...


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Gloria Foamy Clean 100

Gloria Foamy Clean 100 is the lighter version of the gloria FoamMaster FM10. Just like the FM10, a handy pressure nozzle for distributing cleaning foam. The Gloria Foamy Clean 100 is ideal for pre- and loosening or stuck sand such as remnants or...


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Heavy Duty Foam Lance

This Heavy Duty Foam Lance is a very high-quality foam lance for pre-cleaning vehicles. The vertical nozzle is adjustable to regulate the width of the foam jet, the mixture can be controlled by the adjustment knob on top of the foam lance. In...


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