Dual action polishers

Detailing supplies supplies Dual Action polishers. The advantage of these machines is that the chance of burning paint, machine tracks, holograms and other paint damage is minimized. Dual Action machines are suitable for the enthusiastic detailer to someone without experience.

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Vertool Mini Dual Action 12E

The Vertool 12e Polisher is a Dual Action polisher specifically designed for use in hard-to-reach and narrow places. The Vertool 12e comes complete with a 3 "(75mm) backing plate and fits on all 3 & 4" polishing pads and accessories making it...


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Vertool RAP-21E Dual Action

The all-new Vertool RAP-21e Dual Action polishing machine is a new standard in polishing machine technology. With a large score of 21mm, the Dual Action polisher has become a leader in efficient polishing while maintaining safe operation as...


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