Our Company

You have a passion for cars and want to maintain your own car well. But where do you buy everything you need at once if you want to? With an expert webshop that also delivers quickly. At De Vries Car Detailing.

About De Vries Car Detailing.

Our company came into being after I (Arjan de Vries) spent a very long time as a hobby. Increasingly, I received questions from friends if they could buy the products that I used with me. So I came up with the idea to take the step to an official company, in order to be able to sell the products I had good experiences with on the official road. We always strive for the very best range that only consists of products that do what they have to do!

We are just as enthusiastic as you are and we understand your wishes like no other. Because we use all products in practice, you will always receive good and honest advice from us. This is possible through a visit to our shop, but also by telephone or online via Whatsapp or email.

Our team

We (Arjan de Vries and Carlijn Boverhuis) are available 24/7 to answer all your questions


"Last week we bought a 500ml package Leather & Interior Cleaner. It was really great to see how well this product is doing its job! "

Frank de Kieviet

"I have already placed several orders here and also have my interior professionally cleaned. The quality of the products and services are really great! "

Justin Wilhelmus Booijink