Autobrite Carbanuba Wet Wax - 500ml

Autobrite Cabanuba is cream wax with banana smell!
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Autobrite Cabanuba is cream wax with banana smell!

Made with only the best ingredients, with more carnauba wax than you can dream, luxurious montane wax and microcrystal wax.

You almost guaranteed a warm, soft glow on the paint.

With hydrophobic properties so that the water slides off, just like slipping on a banana peel

This also offers a high level of protection.


Gives a deeper shine or extra protection.

If the first layer is properly withdrawn you can remove the excess with a clean microfibre cloth, and possibly apply a second layer




Make sure the surfaces are completely clean.

do a small amount of Carbanuba a soft applicator pad and process it in small circles to ensure good coverage everywhere.

With the clean finger you can draw a line of 3a5cm, nothing remains behind then you can remove the wax with a clean microfibre cloth to create a beautiful shine.

A second layer, if desired, provides a deeper shine and improved longevity, repeat the same steps: apply a small amount to the applicator, with circular movement, after drying the swipe test with the finger and if nothing can be left behind you remove the rest with a clean microfibre cloth.

Content 500 ml.

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