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Waxedshine Four Pack

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Our 4 runners in 1 package ... the combo for the inside and outside of your car.

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Our 4 runners in 1 package ... the combo for the inside and outside of your car.

Waxedshine snow foam

Waxedshine high concentration snow foam is a simple and efficient way to wash car, caravan, bike, boat or truck.

In cooperation with an HD foam lance you get an incredibly thick layer of foam, you have to see it to believe.

With fresh lime and lemon scent, this becomes your new addiction .... Finally fun in car washing.

Waxedshine Citrus APC +

Waxedshine Citrus APC + is a multipurpose formula that works on almost every surface.

Can be used for your wheels, interior, exterior, motorcycle, leather, carpet and much more.

Once you have used Citrus APC, you will always want to have this product in the neighborhood.

Can be used both pure and diluted.

Waxedshine Envo QD

Waxedshine ENvo QD + is made to clean, lubricate, seal and shine and protect your paint.

With the help of advanced (body shop safe) hydrophobic polymer technology, ENVO QD is more than a quick detailer.

With its advanced cleaning skills cleans, lubricates, repels the water, increases the shine and gives it extra protection at the finish.

Safe for your paint, especially for your rims, outside of the windows and much more

Waxedshine Aquabead


Waxedshine aquabead is a sealant based on fluorocarbon polymers and SiO2 that gives a protective layer on glass, metal, plastic and lacquer.

Aquabead reacts immediately with water and creates a protective layer, simply spraying after washing and rinsing.

With hard water jet or HD cleaner you accelerate the spraying process with the spraying process, so that a closed hybridophobic surface remains for up to 3 months.

With waxedshine aquabead you have a beautiful hybridophobic effects a protection against UV, heat and oxidation.

Save with this four pack 15% !!!

Normally € 69.95 now as pack € 52.95 !!

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